Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Some new figures on the horizon are the remaining four SS to complete the first section.
Both Duncan Hamilton ( Semi-Official painter) and myself experimented with painting the planetree camouflage on the smocks. I went with a slightly lighter base beige colour, and dark green with light green overprint. The whole job needs colours adding over colours, and I found some useful colour camouflage patterns on the Artizan Designs website.
There are also some Scottish in battledress with Tam O'Shanter hats with the caster, and some more German conversions.
On the vehicle front a Panzer II Ausf B has been completed, and is at the casters, together with a Belgian T15, and Vickers Utility Tractor B.
Mike is sculpting Belgians at the moment. Chasseurs Ardennais first, then some Line Infantry.


  1. Great paint job about the smoke dress.

    The plans for the future ranges are awesome can't wait for the Belgium infantry and off courde the french dragon portés. ;)

  2. Any more info on what the Belgian range will consist of? Any plans to do support weapons, eg HMG, 50mm mortar, 47mm AT gun?

    Congrats for taking the plunge and releasing Early War ranges, looking forward to seeing the new releases.

  3. 47mm FRC AT gun is a must do. I'm undecided as to whether to do a Hotchkiss or a Browning HMG as yet.

  4. Looking forward to the highland laddies :-)