Saturday, 12 June 2010

This one has been a bit of a struggle. The hull angles make the wheelarch angles all the more complex, and they are also cambered. The Daimler Benz and Bussing NAG versions now look a lot simpler than the Magirus M206 version of the 6-Rad, but hindsight is not a valuable thing until after the work is done. I still have to add the grille, rollers, the stowage box fronts, and the turret details, but it isn't far off completion. I'll be glad if this one comes out in resin.
I pity the caster.

I'm also waiting for the metals for the Adler, which hopefully will be here soon. Combined with the 231 8 Rad and 221 LAC, I have an almost complete early war German Recce unit.


  1. Lovely work Ian on the 231,


  2. I look forward to the Adler

  3. Ooh, lovely looking 6-Rad...

  4. One of my favourites this one. When can we expect to get our sticky paws on it? Not soon enough I suspect.