Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The restocks finally arrived. Nick at North Star and Griffin got me the bits I needed to fulfill the orders, and enough to make the visit to Antwerp viable. To be honest, selling anything at Antwerp is a bonus, as the whole trip is always enjoyable, as long as the Belgian Highway Authorities are not closing motorways. Last year we sat in traffic between Ghent and Antwerp for five hours, but the Tin Soldiers were still at the venue, waiting for the stragglers to arrive on the Fiday night.

We are making a detour this year on the way to Antwerp, to visit the Dunkirk Memorial and then head down to Cassel for lunch and a wander around the place. If time allows I'm turning off the old Wormhoudt road to find Esquelbec cemetery. I'll post some photos if I remember the camera.

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