Wednesday, 9 December 2009

And some WIP from Mike. The Waffen SS have gone in the post to Nick for putting in a mould.
The Belgians are nearly done. I spent yesterday explaining to Mike that Belgian artillery wear bonnet de police, line wear the Adrian helmet, and Chasseurs wear berets, so I think he has the message that different heads are the order of the day. The line infantry Adrian helmet sculpts have the lion badge, and I think Mike is trying to sculpt individual teeth, looking at the detail on the heads I received :->
Thanks for all the help from Carl de Roo and the Belgian cadre with the information.
I now have the Dutch contingent sending excellent information on their forces.
No word from the Scots though.


  1. Lovely work Ian from Mike. Please see my comments on the SDKFZ 221 reference the above.


  2. Waohw !!

    The belgian are looking good !

    Have you a date for them ??

    You give us some good and beautiful news !!