Thursday, 17 December 2009

I came across these photographs on ebay, and purchased them. They are of Matilda II T6909 "Greenock" of the 7th RTR. The photo says the tank is abandoned in Dunkirk, certainly on the beach front, looking at the sand everyhwere. Of interest is the diagonally striped circle on the rear left of the turret. It looks like the 2 Pdr has been spiked, judging by the messy barrel end.
The white BEF recognition squares are visible on the hull side. Also take note of the raised suspension, subsequently lowered for action in North Africa.
These have got me messing around with the Matilda II master again.


  1. A nice find Ian on the postcards. Good luck with your tinkering on the Matilda II.

    I too came across a nice find being a book on the Waffen-SS in the West. This photograph book by Schiffer contains numerous photgraphs of the SS in Holland, Belgium and France, 1940.

    Not sure if you already ahve this book, but it contains some nice photographs that may assist in your development of the range.

    The support weapons crews are an interesting lot and my favourite besides the anti-tank rifle was the battalion commander wearing a feldmutz (sidecap). I think this might be a nice suggestion for a senior commander for your range.

    Thanks for sharing the postcard photgraphs.


  2. Helen,
    I have the book "Damals" on order which is the collection from which many of these are taken. I must not stray too far from the vehicle jobs for Company B though :->

  3. Ian,

    You must keep Uncle Bruce Happy!

    Let us know more about this book please when it arrives. Does the book only cover the campaigns in France Holland and Belgium ? As the former are my only interest.