Sunday, 16 May 2010

I have a limited number (11) of T15s in stock. Price £15. Paypal-


  1. More T15s are on the way from the caster.
    Everyone who ordered one will be receiving it in the post, hopefully tomorrow.
    Guy has also sent me a few samples of a VBCW turret version. It is the round one that looks like a pedal bin. The "Dutchman" style turret has just been sent to him.

    I am gearing up for Partizan in Newark on 30th May. Pop by if anyone is attending. I am usually in the Carriage Hall near to Bill at Musketeer Miniatures. There maybe some new releases in limited numbers. Not sure what yet. I will post as it happens.

  2. Just for information (if you haven't got a copy), Blitzkrieg, Armour Camouflage and Markings 1939-40, Steven J. Zaloga has a nice section on Belgian AFVs plus colour plates with regimental/unit markings.

    T15 arrived today, really impressed with it. Fingers crossed for the new releases....

  3. Nice snow covered version in German service