Monday, 17 May 2010

Such things should only appear in nightmares.
3 different plans- 1 small scale kit. None are identical. I have plumped for the copies of the "works" plans. The problems with plans are that they are two dimensional. Building a box is simple from a 2d plan, but this is a wedge of cheese with numerous angles.
I then find that three different manufacturers built the same designated vehicle, all with minor differences. The one I had initially settled on was by the manufacturer who made the least numbers. So I go for the middle one.
Who says the Grmans are efficient ? And Mr. Bradford, once again your plans are junk :-(
Anyway, it is drying now, whilst I work out the optimum trajectory for throwing it, just in case.

In the words of Rolf Harris, " Can you see what it is yet ?"


  1. And no. It is not an X Wing fighter from Star Wars. My son is ever hopeful.

  2. Looks like a Sd Kfz 231 6-Rad. That would be cool!

  3. seems like a 6 rad to me!


  4. Yes,it is a 6 Rad 231. It looks much better now than it did in the photo. It needs to be filled with putty to avoid unfortunate explosions whilst being cast. A messy job with milliput standard.
    Whilst it was drying, I put together a T35 for Bruce at Company B. That has gone in the post, so anyone gaming Soviets 1941 to 1943 will have the chance to buy a doorstop. Bruce was a bit sad that even though it is well known as the iconic land battleship, the T35 is actually a bit smaller than the FCM 2C, so I still have the largest, most useless, tank in 1/56th scale. His MBV2 railcar does not count, as it is a train.