Saturday, 2 October 2010

Cruiser Mk1 A9 -progressing

And I thought the 231 6-Rad was a complicated piece. The A9 hull is taking shape. Just the rear end trackguards and exhaust to finish, and then it is rivetting time. A bit of work is still needed on the front track guard ends to smooth out any gaps.
The MG turrets are separate pieces, which after many failed attempts with brass tube, were eventually constructed using Lego circular plates and tiles stacked to the right height and then skinned in plasticard. A spot of luck that my 4 year old placed some Lego bits on the table next to the plan drawings. They are the right height and diameter for these.
One of the fiddliest bits is the commander's hatch cover, which is a tent shaped structure that splits in half to open like a clam shell. It is done now.


  1. Kids eh! What would you do without 'em?

    That looks one very nice tank!

  2. Nice work Ian. Sometimes children can hold the key in solving solutions.



  3. Looks great Ian,
    I look forward to seeing it in the flesh (with rivets).


  4. Rivets done. Just the hub caps to do on the wheels, and finished. About 10 minutes work left.

  5. I really like the progress on this beautiful little tank, very well done.


  6. It has gone to the Midlands for casting. Tracks and associated gubbins to Griffin. Hull and turret to Rich.
    Hopefully available before Crisis.
    Oh, and I have sent some Belgians off to Nick for casting.

  7. Quick, get them cast while the Aussie Dollar is high.