Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Sneek peek of the Belgians

Once again my digital camera conspires to make my figure painting look awful.
The grey uniform is in fact grey-green, and the mustard coloured atire of the others is in fact a khaki brown. The only things that have stayed the same shade are the red Line Infantry collar tabs, and the scatter grass that I put on the bases.
That aside, you can see the general layout of the Belgians, with a Chasseur Ardennais Jager in the bottom left hand corner. The section support weapon is the FN Mle1930, a Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal version of the Browning Automatic Rifle. The NCO wears a bonnet de police, and wields a Mitrailette Modele 1934. Everyone else has the standard FN M1930 Geweer copy of the German Gew.98.


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  2. I really like these Ian, well done to you and Mike.

    I especillay like the fact that this is an interesting period with loads of variety in uniforms.

    Thanks for sharing and your brushwork is great.


  3. I like them a lot. Just finished painting a bunch of these in 15mm which means I better buy these in 28mm or the dice gods will forsake me.

  4. I look forward to being able to purchase them.

  5. Yes,

    When they are available I will buy a pack of them !

    And next ?

    French infantry ?

  6. Looking good!

    Regarding the color issue, check your white balance prior to shooting.

  7. Is it possible to have available spare heads for Chasseur Ardennais Jager? The beret is floppy enough for Polish tank crew. What do you think?