Sunday, 7 November 2010

Crisis in Antwerp was once again a very enjoyable show. Thanks to the Tin Soldiers for the invite.
The new Belgians were popular, and even a few of the A9 Cruisers went.
I would add the new stuff to the website, but my main PC has decided to stop working. I am relegated to the god-awful laptop. I have no ftp access on here.. It just about copes with spider solitaire. Anyone following on the blog who wishes to order these, contact me by email. I will get back to you on this silicon tea tray as quickly as possible.
We took the opportunity to visit the Belgian Army Museum in Brussels, along with Paul Hicks, Boycie and a few other chaps. It is worth a visit. A huge collection of militaria, uniforms, artillery,tanks and aircraft. Just don't try to measure anything on the open displays, as the alarm system is very good, and even detects a tape measure crossing the cordon wires. The security were very understanding, and we were able to continue our visit. We weren't alone, as Boycie's group also got the sirens wailing. Entry is free, photographs are permitted, and much of the heavy equipment is on open display....Just not the FN M12 Motorcycle and sidecar, which is protected by the alarm system.

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