Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Interesting developments. I have secured the use of a rather nice scale bicycle, for use with the Belgians, and eventually the Dutch.
I'd like to throw it open to suggestions, but I thought that 2 mounted cyclists, a walking cyclist, and a spare bike might make a nice pack. Head and equipment swaps would assist in making the figures in the pack different.
I'd also like to get the Belgian Boys AT gunner done, and maybe a couple more Belgian infantry to make up the section numbers. Maybe some more "Tin Soldiers of Antwerp" characters to join Sergeant-majoor Willie.
The crew for the 47mm AT gun should arrive soon, and I will get that out asap.
I am working on the Hotchkiss MG, and ideally will also build an MG08 for the line infantry, with the FRC 76mm infantry gun/mortar, and the small DBT mortar.
Motorcycles are also in the pipeline for the Belgians, and for the BEF.


  1. Oooh! Oooh! I'd LOVE some cyclists...!

  2. Same here, I would love to see the bikes. Useful for France 1940 and even Sea Lion.

  3. Get the motorbikes done, I have my potato stamps ready to splodge paint on them.

  4. Definitely would like to see the Boyes AT Rifle and the Maxmum HMG and crew. Figures wise, would like to see an officer in the British style cap and riding breaches & sporting a pistol.

  5. Second the Maxim and Boyes. Also, the FRC and DBT would be fantastic. Nice to see a range of figures developing out into support weapons. Keep up the good work!

  6. Nice news !

    Some material to play !

    Have you planned to work about the dutch ?

  7. 47mm AT gun
    is that the same one as the italians use?