Tuesday, 9 November 2010

And here is the Cruiser A9. I'm halfway through the initial stock already. If only the German stuff sold as well :-)
The kit is a resin hull and turret with tracks, MG Turrets, and fittings in metal.


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  2. That looks great. Your ability to sell out of this might be the fact that no one else out there has the A9 looking so good.

  3. nah..... people like dustbins with guns

  4. Arrived today. What can I say, Ian this is probably one of the best 28mm kits I've seen. A truely cracking model. Top marks.

    ps anyone know of suitable 28mm decals?

  5. Decals can be had from Dom's Decals website.
    Dom has produced a set of WD serial numbers, which will need cutting out.The number sets are for later war, but careful study of the sheets will usually locate a group of two or three numbers that can be used. I'll post the WD serial numbers up here, when I find them.
    The Commonwealth markings and serial numbers are useful, but the 13 bridge weight on the A9 mean splicing a decal.
    The tactical markings are excellent.

    He also does Belgian roundels for the tiny aeroplanes that also work on Belgian vehicles. I use 300-BE-1 36" diameter from the 1/600-1/300 aircraft decals range.
    At £2.00 a sheet they are money well spent, as they do finish a model.
    With hope, Dom will produce some more. You can always tell him that you need more early war, as he doesn't seem to believe me :-).

    For German stuff, Company B do a nice range.

  6. Nice looking stuff... if only we'd shipped them to the Soviet Union I'd feel that I had a use for it...

    As to the German kit... got any plans for a Krupp Protze with alternate bodies (troop carrier, artillery tractor etc.?)

  7. If it wasnt for the NHS messing with my pay, for the next 2 months I'd have had some more German stuff off you.
    Zee Zee

  8. It will be a really good tank in a table.

    The crew is sell with the tank ?