Tuesday, 9 November 2010

This is a little idea.... Converting the Belgians to infantry wearing the Bonnet de Police is simple.
Paul Hicks, famous sculptor, and Mexican Peon impersonator, made these separate heads for Nigel Higgins (Anglian Miniatures). They are now owned by those nice people at Empress Miniatures, who will sell you four heads- (Code H4) for £1.50. Take the Belgian figures of your choice, and by gripping the head with small pliers, twist. The heads snap off quite cleanly. Drill a small hole, about 1.5mm in the top of the neck, and glue in the above heads. Painting the bonnet de Police in the green grey, and then picking out the lining and tassle in the chosen unit colour.


is the link to the site with all the different lining colours.

Chasseur Ardennais Pack

Belgian Infantry Pack

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  1. The belgian are very fabulous.

    Thank you for the suggestion about the head custom.