Saturday 19 September 2009

I have finally finished the Char FCM 2C. The French Char de Rupture.
Measuring 180 mm in length, I have placed a BEF Miniature alongside.
I hope to get the thing cast up in resin, due to its rather large size.

Tuesday 15 September 2009

Some new figures on the horizon are the remaining four SS to complete the first section.
Both Duncan Hamilton ( Semi-Official painter) and myself experimented with painting the planetree camouflage on the smocks. I went with a slightly lighter base beige colour, and dark green with light green overprint. The whole job needs colours adding over colours, and I found some useful colour camouflage patterns on the Artizan Designs website.
There are also some Scottish in battledress with Tam O'Shanter hats with the caster, and some more German conversions.
On the vehicle front a Panzer II Ausf B has been completed, and is at the casters, together with a Belgian T15, and Vickers Utility Tractor B.
Mike is sculpting Belgians at the moment. Chasseurs Ardennais first, then some Line Infantry.

Those dastardly SS Totenkopf.

The first two packs of German infantry, with the support MG34 LMG.

The Campaigns in the Netherlands, Belgium and France have always interested me, and to that end, coupled with my interest in 28mm skirmish wargaming, and friendship with the talented Mike Owen of Artizan Designs, I am on my way to producing the figures and vehicles that I need and want. The initial figures for the range have been released, and many of the vehicles from the recent Chieftain Models range have been retained. BEF Miniatures is a project that I am happy to share with other wargamers, and the sales side of it is there to enable me to increase the range.

I hope to add photos of new figures, vehices, artillery and scenery along the way, and to provide some scenarios from those days in May 1940.