Monday 5 October 2009

Thanks to all the chaps who purchased stuff. Much appreciated, but totally unlooked for.
I have asked Griffin to restock vehicles, as I intend to go to Crisis. The Eurotunnel policy on refunds is unclear, and I have paid to get across, so might as well make a weekend of it, and visit a few sites, such as the Dunkirk Memorial and Cassel on a roundabout route to Antwerp.
The figure moulds are now with Nick at North Star. Hopefully I can get him to spin some more up, because I have now run out of the stock of BEF2 and BEF3.

The situation regarding the figure casting is still an unknown factor, but I am sure Nick will help where he can. The Belgian figures are still in the process of being sculpted, and would have been ready for Crisis if a series of unfortunate events had not befallen Mike. They will be released, firstly Chasseurs Ardennais, who are the "Elite" of the Belgian army, followed by some Line and Artillery.

Artillery is planned for all of the nations, and the 18-25 pdr and limber is cast. Mike will get around to crewing it when he has a bit more time. The Vickers MG will also make an appearance, as will the MG34. For the Belgians I am undecided as to whether to go for the Hotchkiss or the Browning.

The British and Germans will also be filled out, with such things as command packs and more rank and file. I am not able to give dates, but if I can keep it growing then I will.
Someone mentioned motorcycles... Hmmm. Willie B even mentioned FN Trimotors...A couple of times. I'll see what can be done.

Once again, thanks for the support across the internet, and I will be adding some Too Fat Lardies TOE PDFs to the website once I work out what to do.

Saturday 3 October 2009

A new day, and a surprising amount of support and a few orders to help out. I am very grateful for this. It is not my intention to "cry wolf" and see if I can generate interest through negative postings, such as BEF is closing down. I am now in the awkward postion of realising that there are people out there who want the stuff. It is very much the chicken and the egg situation with something like this. There will never be sales of big battalions, because the figures are for smaller scale skirmish games, requiring fewer to be purchased than say Napoleonics or SYW.
I want the Belgians. I probably want them more than Carl or Rudi. I do not expect them to sell in great numbers, but they add a completeness to the initial releases. I will take stock of where I am at. One option that has been suggested is to produce a few trucks and simpler vehicles, which can be cast in resin. As early war vehicles were generally open cabbed, there is no need to make resin blocks. I will try this first, and see if things like the Einheits LKW, Morris CF 6 wheeler and the Belgian GMC truck can be made cheaply but maintain the quality I require.. This in itself will take some time. I'll see what I can sort out. In the meantime orders will be fulfilled, and I'll work on trying to get BEF on a more even keel,with a view to continuing.

Friday 2 October 2009

I have decided to put BEF on ice. Sales of figures haven't made enough to sustain the costs involved, and the interest is minimal in the products. Combined costs of sculpting, casting, website and research are greater than the sales receipts, therefore it is not a viable business proposition at the moment.