Tuesday 14 June 2011

Two shows down

First Partizan and then one nearer to home, just completed in two weeks. Unfortunately either the full time job or space at other shows is restricting me from carrying the display case around the country, and Crisis seems so far away. The Broadside show at Sittingbourne was the first time for this event. It was very well organized, and quite well attended. Sadly the evil Gerard Cronin was there with his 40mm Mexican American figures, which proved too tempting for my faithful assistant Gaz, and then after much cajoling I also succumbed.

What am I doing? Yes, these are beautiful figures, from a colourful period, and Gerard is a very likeable chap, but they aren't 1940 28mm. I think I have lost the plot. Added to the ongoing Perry Miniatures Carlist War project, I fear that my green paints may dry up.
There is some good news. Once Rich has a restock of resin, the Bedford OY truck is being cast. Shouldn't be too long now.

Thursday 19 May 2011

Scout Carrier

The Scout Carrier shouldn't be too long before general release either.
In the meantime look at the pictures :-)

This booklet is available on ebay. Lots of research has been carried out on the colourful aspects of BEF vehicles. Those little AoS markings can make all the difference to the camouflage green.
There is already plenty of information regarding the Armoured Brigades, but little about the infantry, artillery or support units. Hopefully this booklet will redress the balance.
Price £12 plus postage.

Bedford OY 3 Tonner

Work is nearly finished on the Bedford OY 3 ton lorry. It is a little more complete than the one in the attached photograph, which is of one at Cassel. The resin kit will be a based wheelset, chassis, planked load bed, canvas tilt, and the cab. I have made the windows in the cab thin skinned, so they can be removed for the open look.

Friday 15 April 2011

A10 Cruiser

I have sent the A10 Cruiser off to Richard for casting. It has been a while in the making, mainly due to the amount of rivets, but also due to the full time job getting in the way. I hope to have these by Partizan.
I have a limited number of the Panzer II Ausf A/B/C in stock, and most of the bits for the Scout Carrier. Anyone who would be interested, email me.
The Belgian FN M12 motorcycle combination is also done, just waiting for Mike to finish the crew, and then that will be released.
On the Belgian front, I also have a few FRC 47mm AT guns and crew for anyone interested.

Sorry for the 4 months of near silence. 9 years to retirement and then I will have far too much time on my hands.