Friday 15 April 2011

A10 Cruiser

I have sent the A10 Cruiser off to Richard for casting. It has been a while in the making, mainly due to the amount of rivets, but also due to the full time job getting in the way. I hope to have these by Partizan.
I have a limited number of the Panzer II Ausf A/B/C in stock, and most of the bits for the Scout Carrier. Anyone who would be interested, email me.
The Belgian FN M12 motorcycle combination is also done, just waiting for Mike to finish the crew, and then that will be released.
On the Belgian front, I also have a few FRC 47mm AT guns and crew for anyone interested.

Sorry for the 4 months of near silence. 9 years to retirement and then I will have far too much time on my hands.


  1. real life has a tendancy to get in the way;)
    good to hear stuff is rumbling on =)

  2. Email sent for a FRC 47mm.

  3. Keep up the great work Ian.



  4. Looking forward to the motorcycle, did wonder what you were up to.

  5. Really it's a pleasure to see some knews about you

    Every day I'm looking your blog, I was afraid. November is so far...

    Some stuff for the belgian coming soon ?

    Great !

    I'm interested for the 47mm anti tank gun.

    Send you a mail.