Thursday 19 May 2011

Scout Carrier

The Scout Carrier shouldn't be too long before general release either.
In the meantime look at the pictures :-)

This booklet is available on ebay. Lots of research has been carried out on the colourful aspects of BEF vehicles. Those little AoS markings can make all the difference to the camouflage green.
There is already plenty of information regarding the Armoured Brigades, but little about the infantry, artillery or support units. Hopefully this booklet will redress the balance.
Price £12 plus postage.

Bedford OY 3 Tonner

Work is nearly finished on the Bedford OY 3 ton lorry. It is a little more complete than the one in the attached photograph, which is of one at Cassel. The resin kit will be a based wheelset, chassis, planked load bed, canvas tilt, and the cab. I have made the windows in the cab thin skinned, so they can be removed for the open look.