Tuesday 14 June 2011

Two shows down

First Partizan and then one nearer to home, just completed in two weeks. Unfortunately either the full time job or space at other shows is restricting me from carrying the display case around the country, and Crisis seems so far away. The Broadside show at Sittingbourne was the first time for this event. It was very well organized, and quite well attended. Sadly the evil Gerard Cronin was there with his 40mm Mexican American figures, which proved too tempting for my faithful assistant Gaz, and then after much cajoling I also succumbed.

What am I doing? Yes, these are beautiful figures, from a colourful period, and Gerard is a very likeable chap, but they aren't 1940 28mm. I think I have lost the plot. Added to the ongoing Perry Miniatures Carlist War project, I fear that my green paints may dry up.
There is some good news. Once Rich has a restock of resin, the Bedford OY truck is being cast. Shouldn't be too long now.