Monday 17 May 2010

Such things should only appear in nightmares.
3 different plans- 1 small scale kit. None are identical. I have plumped for the copies of the "works" plans. The problems with plans are that they are two dimensional. Building a box is simple from a 2d plan, but this is a wedge of cheese with numerous angles.
I then find that three different manufacturers built the same designated vehicle, all with minor differences. The one I had initially settled on was by the manufacturer who made the least numbers. So I go for the middle one.
Who says the Grmans are efficient ? And Mr. Bradford, once again your plans are junk :-(
Anyway, it is drying now, whilst I work out the optimum trajectory for throwing it, just in case.

In the words of Rolf Harris, " Can you see what it is yet ?"

Sunday 16 May 2010

I have a limited number (11) of T15s in stock. Price £15. Paypal-

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Bath tub for the Germans

Just finished the Kfz.13 Adler master. I have the second crew man drying at the moment, but what you see is what you get, except for the plastic supporting bits and the tablemats.
Totally outdated, these little vehicles were frequently seen in company with the 221s and other recce forces during the drive into Poland, and then going back the other way into the Low Countries and France. They even managed to linger around and drive into the Soviet Union, although by that time, they were quite obsolete. I always liked the Adler, as it is a bit of a cranky throw-back to the early 1900s, remaining in service at a time when most German equipment was starting to look really advanced. It proves that the British were not the only ones using Heath Robinson kit.