Saturday 13 November 2010

Just a quick reference for the British Armoured Formations.
Bridge weights and WD serial numbers-

Vickers Light Tank VIb- T1985 through 2084, T2087-2293, T2336-2429,T2431-2530,T3652-3715, T4166-4241,T4243-4308,T4456-4484, T4465-4715,T5085-5129,T5763-5773,T5813-5842.

Vickers Light Tank VIc- T4309-4342,T5130-5184,T5774-5812,T5843-5882.

Both bridge marking 6

A9 Cruiser MkI- T7196-7270 Bridge marking 13

A11 Matilda I- T3433-3542. T5551-T5610,T8101-8119. Bridge marking 12 (?)

A12 MkII Matilda II- T6729-T6868, T7271-7350,T7351-7390,T10034-10203
(The WD decided to serial number MkII,MkIII and IV plus the Scorpion and Baron, irrespective of their mark. I would settle for the lower numbers for France. T6906 Greenock, and T9732 Galahad are the two I can vouch for at the moment. I will keep looking for the other numbers for each of the named vehicles. All names began with G.) Bridge marking 25

To be continued.....

Friday 12 November 2010

Not sure about using Belgian chocolate to make the tank and saddles.....

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Interesting developments. I have secured the use of a rather nice scale bicycle, for use with the Belgians, and eventually the Dutch.
I'd like to throw it open to suggestions, but I thought that 2 mounted cyclists, a walking cyclist, and a spare bike might make a nice pack. Head and equipment swaps would assist in making the figures in the pack different.
I'd also like to get the Belgian Boys AT gunner done, and maybe a couple more Belgian infantry to make up the section numbers. Maybe some more "Tin Soldiers of Antwerp" characters to join Sergeant-majoor Willie.
The crew for the 47mm AT gun should arrive soon, and I will get that out asap.
I am working on the Hotchkiss MG, and ideally will also build an MG08 for the line infantry, with the FRC 76mm infantry gun/mortar, and the small DBT mortar.
Motorcycles are also in the pipeline for the Belgians, and for the BEF.

And here is the Cruiser A9. I'm halfway through the initial stock already. If only the German stuff sold as well :-)
The kit is a resin hull and turret with tracks, MG Turrets, and fittings in metal.

This is a little idea.... Converting the Belgians to infantry wearing the Bonnet de Police is simple.
Paul Hicks, famous sculptor, and Mexican Peon impersonator, made these separate heads for Nigel Higgins (Anglian Miniatures). They are now owned by those nice people at Empress Miniatures, who will sell you four heads- (Code H4) for £1.50. Take the Belgian figures of your choice, and by gripping the head with small pliers, twist. The heads snap off quite cleanly. Drill a small hole, about 1.5mm in the top of the neck, and glue in the above heads. Painting the bonnet de Police in the green grey, and then picking out the lining and tassle in the chosen unit colour.

is the link to the site with all the different lining colours.

Chasseur Ardennais Pack

Belgian Infantry Pack

Sunday 7 November 2010

Crisis in Antwerp was once again a very enjoyable show. Thanks to the Tin Soldiers for the invite.
The new Belgians were popular, and even a few of the A9 Cruisers went.
I would add the new stuff to the website, but my main PC has decided to stop working. I am relegated to the god-awful laptop. I have no ftp access on here.. It just about copes with spider solitaire. Anyone following on the blog who wishes to order these, contact me by email. I will get back to you on this silicon tea tray as quickly as possible.
We took the opportunity to visit the Belgian Army Museum in Brussels, along with Paul Hicks, Boycie and a few other chaps. It is worth a visit. A huge collection of militaria, uniforms, artillery,tanks and aircraft. Just don't try to measure anything on the open displays, as the alarm system is very good, and even detects a tape measure crossing the cordon wires. The security were very understanding, and we were able to continue our visit. We weren't alone, as Boycie's group also got the sirens wailing. Entry is free, photographs are permitted, and much of the heavy equipment is on open display....Just not the FN M12 Motorcycle and sidecar, which is protected by the alarm system.