Saturday 13 November 2010

Just a quick reference for the British Armoured Formations.
Bridge weights and WD serial numbers-

Vickers Light Tank VIb- T1985 through 2084, T2087-2293, T2336-2429,T2431-2530,T3652-3715, T4166-4241,T4243-4308,T4456-4484, T4465-4715,T5085-5129,T5763-5773,T5813-5842.

Vickers Light Tank VIc- T4309-4342,T5130-5184,T5774-5812,T5843-5882.

Both bridge marking 6

A9 Cruiser MkI- T7196-7270 Bridge marking 13

A11 Matilda I- T3433-3542. T5551-T5610,T8101-8119. Bridge marking 12 (?)

A12 MkII Matilda II- T6729-T6868, T7271-7350,T7351-7390,T10034-10203
(The WD decided to serial number MkII,MkIII and IV plus the Scorpion and Baron, irrespective of their mark. I would settle for the lower numbers for France. T6906 Greenock, and T9732 Galahad are the two I can vouch for at the moment. I will keep looking for the other numbers for each of the named vehicles. All names began with G.) Bridge marking 25

To be continued.....


  1. Do you know the number plate numbers (where they were fitted)

  2. Thank you.

    HAve you a link for a belgian OOBS.

    Need to know how many of them are necessary to make a squad.

  3. RE Civilian Number Plate.

    Mk VIB 13th/18th Hussars, serial T5112, civil number plate RMY466 (black plate, white letters, RMY upper line, 466 lower line). Location front, below driver's hatch, lower hull, to the right of centre line. Location rear, right side of upper hull (same side as exhaust).

  4. Worrywort,
    Belgian armour was squadrons of 3.
    Infantry section was 1 NCO with MM34 SMG, 1 FN1930(BAR) LMG, and 7 riflemen. I have some more Belgian infantry on the way. Squad sizes and mould space unfortunately do not always match up.

    Dear Bunglefudgeup,
    I could probably find out, you know. The old records are probably held by County Councils. However if you think I am sitting at my computer for 6 weeks adding 10,000 licence plate numbers for you to choose from, you are sorely mistaken. I know you too well, and once that Olympian task was complete, you'd say," I can't decide which one!"
    Your beard will be on fire soon. Bring a bucket of sand to Partizan.