Wednesday 10 February 2010

A nice photograph of elements of 6 Panzer Division (Pz.35) passing the junction of Fort Rouge, from Arques towards Cassel, and their battle with the British 48th Division.

I've been tying up loose ends the past few weeks. The Matilda II and the Sd.Kfz 221 have both gone to the casters, and all the respective metal parts have also been sent off.
On the figure front, I received a Pzb.39 casting, and the Boys AT rifles, which I have been experimenting with. I now have a moving German carrying the Pzb.39, and one to equip the 221.
I have also come across some more photos of BEF equipment, such as the abandoned Vickers VIb's on the beach. The identification squares are clearly visible.